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It is GcilA’s understanding and belief that the success rate of concessions and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, that serve the improvement of the well-being of populations in the developing world, only be raised if best practices are formulated based upon past lessons and on the basis that such best practices are disseminated and spread internationally. Considering that our goal is to achieve a better socioeconomic and legal environmental for the developing countries and their population, we frequently organize training programs, where different government and senior representatives are present. In such as a way, our team aims to share its knowledge and experience on concessions and PPPs, in order for currently unfinished projects to be successfully brought to an end, so that new ones, with higher success rate, can be embarked upon.

Our training programs are held across the globe and on different topics related to concessions and PPPs. For instance, GcilA partners held a training program in Washington D.C. with the World Bank in October 2012. More recently, a training workshop has been organized in Johannesburg on the success of concessions and PPPs, their related issues and solutions and finally best practices to ensure the successful outcome of any project. A similar workshop with senior civil servants of more than 10 countries from Western Africa was held in November of 2013.

If you are interested in an in-depth training session or workshop covering one of our key areas such as “Public Private Partnerships and Concessions,” do not hesitate to contact us and we can discuss the how, when and where. Want to take a closer look at our experience in training and workshops? Take a look at our portfolio list and explore our international experience of over 30 years.


Issues, success and best practices

GcilA’s training on major concession and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) elements provides, due to the members’ experience and commitment, a deep understanding on possible issues that a project can encounter during its life cycle. Throughout the last several decades, our experience has shown that inefficiency, corruption and other related issues can be avoided if the involved parties are aware of these obstacles. As such, the training sessions are designed to point out these issues and the conditions for success so that our clients’ projects are not jeopardized. The members at GcilA have even made a step beyond, because they believe in an improved situation as a cause of simply knowing of and about these issues. GcilA partners are very keen on gathering and publishing best practices that ensure concession and PPP projects in the pipeline, as well as new projects, to successfully achieve their term without any unnecessary delay or cost-surplus.

Development and evolution

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and concession concepts and practices develop just as fast as the century we live in, we do business in, we construct in. Today, adaptation has become the new norm. Because we believe that the only solution is to go with our times, we at GcilA are devoted to providing our clients with the best training possible. While a major part of our training programs consist of strictly legal and practical seminars, we also believe it is essential for our clients to be up to to date with the most recent decisions and deliberations regarding the process of negotiation and implementation of PPP projects. Our training programs thus present clients, among other facts, with the most recent legal decisions and trends that policies might be taking.

In the developing world

The developing world represents a great potential for the development and implementation of international construction and infrastructure projects. Assuring that the host governments and the related parties possess the required knowledge on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and concessions, is one of the major points of GcilA’s training programs. We believe that the developing world has a great potential, but at the same time, developing nations are often threatened by corruption, disorganization, instability and other deciding factors. Therefore, our training provides the participants with the practical and theoretical experience needed to pair the great potential of the country with technical skills and professionalism, guaranteeing a successful implementation of concession and ppp in developing countries.

Private investments and contracts

Stakeholders prefer not to invest “in the dark”, especially in the developing world, and it is important that the investment climate is as solid and transparent as possible. Transparent but solid contracts are the key word to attracting international businesses that are willing to finance a project. GcilA member firms believe that contracts are the way to assure stakeholders and secure investments, we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to share our lessons during training programs. Our team offers its clients a 360° overview on the matter. From acquainting our investor to the issues and risks of investment to the management and securing of investments through solid, transparent and successful contracts.


Nearly half a century of day-to-day exposure with PPP and concession projects in the sectors of construction, infrastructure and mining has put GcilA’s team in a unique position to deliver informative and memorable training programs. However, possessing in-depth knowledge alone does not help; dissemination is needed. That is the reason why we are dedicated to promoting and to sharing our savoir-faire with interested players, be they governments, businesses, institutions, or non-governmental associations. Our clients benefit from decades of practical experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

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