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GcilA’s Contributions to the Development of International Legal Expertise

GcilA has made a unique effort to organize an integrated Knowledge Center addressing the most important issues in each area of practice by aggregating the experience of GcilA practitioners on a numerous and diverse questions which mirror the diversity of their expertise.

The Knowledge Centre outcome is the result of several steps all essential for delivering a new level of operational and often innovative knowledge. It is much more than a simple database or traditional legal resource center. The starting point is for GcilA practitioners to identify relevant information in addition to their own expertise, then to develop a contextual approach permitting to prioritize information before summarizing the same. They further exchange with stakeholders, industry and peers before formulating best practices. Those best practices are designed in such a way that the resulting ‘knowledge’ is easy to understand and use in practice.

The GcilA Knowledge Center is firstly designed for being a living platform internal to GcilA for information which are not in the public domain or which contain some proprietary information. When this is not the situation, the headings of the issues being part of the GcilA Knowledge Center are published on the GiclA website. Several of the key publications, conference papers and Powerpoints in each of GcilA’s area of practice can be downloaded by clicking on the red title. For the documents which cannot be downloaded, some of them can be made available upon request and under certain conditions.

wdt_ID Main Category Sub Category Document (EN) Source (EN) Document (FR) Source (FR) Document Location (FR) Location Author Date Language file_en file_fr
1 Contracts General Contracts DB/DBO in emerging economies and LDCs: A practical answer to address the infrastructure challenge with improved governance, "The UN post 2015 objectives: The need of massive investment in public infrastructure projects - How to optimize project delivery and value for money for project directly funded by State budget and IFI’s ? - Private participation in public infrastructure projects: DB and DBO position - Respective role of public and private sector in DB/DBO - What to expect from well prepared DB and DBO GcilA DB / DBO Workshop France Marc Frilet 2015 EN /wp-content/uploads/knowledgecenter/CTG1
2 Contracts General Contracts DB & DBO: comparative approach and future development GcilA DB / DBO Workshop France Timothy E. Heffernan & Christopher Wright 2015 EN
3 Contracts General Contracts "Partnering" in an International Environment - Model for National Solutions? ECE Legal Summit Germany Dr. Wolfgang Breyer 2015 EN
4 Contracts General Contracts Are you playing for the right team? A guide to drafting small business teaming agreements Watt Tieder Publications USA Heather L. Stangle 2014 EN
5 Contracts General Contracts "Fair and Reasonable": the Determination of Prices for Variations in FIDIC Contracts Germany Dr. Wolfgang Breyer 2013 EN
6 Contracts General Contracts Controlling the flow: managing contract balances in difficult Times Watt Tieder Publications USA F. David Arens 2011 EN
7 Contracts General Contracts Termination for convenience clauses: not all are alike, so the terms do matter Watt Tieder Publications USA Michael D. Kiffney 2009 EN
8 Contracts General Contracts PPP and innovative forms of contracts WB/CICA Meeting USA Marc Frilet 2008 EN
9 Contracts General Contracts International trade and large projects: which guarantees? Learn how to negotiate and to draft your guarantee clauses, Extracts from « contract of Guarantee for Equity Investments » MIGA Seminar EFE Paris, Bonds and security rights in tangible assets Commerce international et grands projets : quelles garanties ? Apprenez à négocier et a rédiger vos clauses de garantie Séminaire EFE Paris « Cautionnement et sûretés réelles France France Marc Frilet 2008 ENFRT
10 Contracts General Contracts Bonds and security rights in tangible assets EFE Seminar Paris Cautionnement et sûretés réelles Séminaire EFE Paris France France Marc Frilet 2008 ENFR
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