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Coming together to provide the best possible legal support

The Global Construction & Infrastructure Legal Alliance (GcilA) was founded in recognition of the need to provide the industry and public authorities with expert legal advice in the field of construction, infrastructure and mining law in major markets.

Headquartered in Paris, France, lawyers from the member firms work together to provide fully integrated legal services for all parties in the global market: government agencies, public and private financiers of construction projects, developers, industrial companies, engineers, contractors and suppliers. Clients reside in a variety of different sectors, including construction, infrastructure, mining, energy, and more.

In addition to providing legal representation, GcilA documentation center is a repository of contract forms, briefs, articles, monographs, and other writings on construction, infrastructure and mining law. GcilA also provides public seminars and in-house training programs in the areas of its expertise. The constituent members are leading practitioners from their respective jurisdictions. While each firm retains its independence, GcilA allows them to bring their expertise together as needed for each individual project.

The guiding principle behind GcilA is that no single multi-disciplinary law firm, no matter how large, could have true experts in the highly specialized areas of construction, infrastructure and mining law in more than a few jurisdictions. Moreover, the leading specialist firms in particular jurisdictions could not expand into all the markets where their expertise was needed in sufficient time to meet demand. The traditional solution of a referral network, although helpful, did not meet the need of coordinated expertise and inclusive advice so needed on major projects in our global world. The need for a centrally located and managed network became obvious and we believe will serve the interests of the construction and infrastructure development industry at more than competitive rates.

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